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This should be a real game fr

Pyronator responds:

If I had a dollar for every time that was said I’d have a lot of money

What a beautiful love story ;)

Love it

im traumatized forever
Amazing 10/10

Freakingtastic 10/10

Well, this is relatable ;-;

stevetherapper responds:

Mmhmm. Explains why one of the tags are labeled “relatable”.

Two Words:
Great job man!

Good Job dude :D!

PencilKiller responds:

Thank you :D
Means a lot!

Okay, first Congrats on 1# Daily Feature :D! Thats Amazing!
Second, of all the filmbudds episodes, this is not my favorite by far, but is still good one!
The Animation is simply AMAZING! And the designs are better than ever!
The Voice Acting is Getting Better, the only people who have to improve in voice acting are Tony and Chris! Especially Tony, he sometimes seems to be reading the lines without any emotion! This is especially evident at the beginning of the episode when he seems to be just reading the lines too far from each other!
The writing of the episode is... well, Fine! But the writing has a lot of the same problems that I remember in the episode "Beach and Camp Liars"! Mainly theres to many random things happen at the same time, some parts seem kind rushed, and the episode ends in nothing with a lot of the things not explained (i mean, its still better than the finale of "Beach and Camp Liars" because that literally ended out of nowhere)! But the story in self is not bad! Actually is really well put in!
My real big problem with the episode is the comedy/jokes! Before I start this part I just wanna warn, my own sense of humor is really bad XD, so take this with a grain of salt! The jokes are really mixed! Some gived me a chuckle, and others make me feel nothing! But then we have a swear parts! Yes, I am counting the swear parts as jokes! The Swear parts were really mixed too! At the beginning of the episode it was ok, and was actually really funny at some parts! But at the Middle/Finale of the episode it started to look kind forced in some parts! I'm not saying they can't have swears in the episode, actually you guys can put whatver you want :D, just don't force them so much!
i liked was the characters interactions that without a doubt some of these interactions were very funny!
And the Dialogue most of the part was okay/good, but it could be better in some ways!
And I think thats my full opinion about the episode!
In the finale, its a okay episode with some problems that could be fixed in the future!
I Enjoy my time watching it, and I Enjoy my time rewatching for this long ass review!
Sorry for making you guys reading all of this!
Good Job, a strong 7/10! I hope my best for the future!

AniNoel responds:

Thank you for the highly detailed feedback, it is greatly appreciated. We try our best to make the episode as efficiently as we can. :)

DorfdeDoesStuff responds:

Thank you for the review! I really don't mind the length of the review in fact it actually helps the fact that you made a full in depth review. Especially since I'm new to writing and stuff, and as this being my first proper script I written for the series this honestly helps me out with knowing what to fix in the future episodes!

George Gould being Edd is just perfect!

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